Brown v. Harvard Sept 16 2017

Cambridge, MA -- Brown kicked off their fall campaign by traveling to the Crimson of Harvard palying their first match on the road.

Saturday, September 16, 2017, Harvard Rugby Field, 1:00 P.M.

Brown looked solid as the match opened, forcing a Harvard penalty and converting the kick for a 3-0 lead. But that would be Brown’s only points until the end of the first half. An opportunistic Harvard team capitalized on Brown errors, scoring three tries and a penalty kick before fullback Christos Economos’21 entered the backline from a 5 meter lineout and scored a Brown try at the 37th minute. Brown won most of its scrum and lineout possession and attacked the Harvard defense with purpose, but a litany of dropped passes, kicks not finding touch, missed tackles, lost ball in the contact area and just poor decisions kept Brown off their game and scrambling to recover from yet another miss-play. 

In spite of Brown’s 22-8 first half deficit, this writer could see a comeback if the entire First XV got back on track and played to its capabilities. But the Bears seemed “snake bitten”. Execution simply fell apart from both the individual and unit skill level. As Brown’s teamwork collapsed, Harvard scored three tries in the third quarter of play to lead 41-8 with 14 minutes left. At this point Brown pressure put a Harvard scrum on its 5 meter line with three minutes remaining in the match. The Harvard hook squirted out of the scrum, was misplayed by Harvard and Brown scrumhalf Trevor Anesi’18 touched it down for a try. Alec Coben, who had scored Brown’s initial penalty kick, converted. The score was 41-15 and out of reach for the Bears but this score would have ended the match on a positive note. Brown, however, gave up two tries in the last two minutes of the match to add insult to injury. In spite of the final score, Brown’s scrums, lineouts and even some backline moves were occasionally solid and even dominant. The Bears will have to build on their strengths and shore up their weaknesses if they hope to have a successful season. This squad needs to step up to its challenges. The Bears must execute their offense with more purpose and 
organization, and improve dramatically the defense that has conceded 99 points in its last two matches. The individual errors that crushed Brown on Saturday can hopefully be chalked up to just a bad day. 

First XV Scoring Summary                    

First Half

1 min:   Brown Penalty Kick (Alec Coben) 3 
4 min:   Harvard Penalty Kick 3 
13 min: Harvard Converted Try 7
19 min: Harvard Converted Try 7
31 min: Harvard Try 5
37 min: Brown Try (Christos Economos) 5         

First Half Scoring: Brown 8 - Harvard 22    

Second Half

43 min: Harvard Try 5
55 min: Harvard Converted Try 7
66 min: Harvard Converted Try 7
77 min: Brown Try (Trevor Anesi) 5, Conversion (Alec Coben) 2
79 min: Harvard Try 5
80 min: Harvard Converted Try 7 

Second Half Scoring: Brown 7 - Harvard 31    

Final Score: Brown 15 - Harvard 53
Referee: Chris Mutty

Brown First XV Squad

1. Alec Coben ’18
2. Francis Rosenberg ’18
3. Brayden Jasper ’GS
4. Max Loundes ’GS
5. Dakota Fenn ’19
6. Nkanyiso Nzimande ’20
7. Luke Hayhoe ’18, 
8. Jae Kim ’20
9. Trevor Anesi ’18
10. Alexander Ogilvy ’20
11. James Bradley ’21
12. Vivek Pandit ’20
13. Mike Ball ’19
14. Nick Hoynes ’18
15. Christos Economos ’21

Brown University Second XV vs. Harvard University Second XV

The Brown Second XV is a squad of many new recruits, many with athleticism, who will be solid players once they learn the game. This match was an opportunity to provide this large group a chance to play and assess their interest,  commitment and athleticism.  Brown played Harvard even in the first half as experienced scrum half Thomas Kim kicked a penalty and senior lock Quinn Larkin scored a try on a lineout drive from 15 meters out. Harvard countered with three first half tries to lead 17-8 at the half. 

Brown brought in many new players in the second half and Harvard took control with 4 unanswered tries. The squad of 28, however, gained match experience which should help the players to improve their play and make progress this season. 

Second XV Scoring Summary 

First Half

2 min: Harvard Try 5
9 min: Brown Penalty Kick (Thomas Kim) 3
18 min: Brown Try (Quinn Larkin 5
31 min: Harvard Converted Try 7
36 min: Harvard Try 5  

First Half Scoring: Brown 8 - Harvard 17

Second Half

45 min: Harvard Try 5
51 min: Harvard Try 5
56 min: Harvard Try 5 
76 min: Harvard Converted Try 7 

Second Half Scoring: Brown 0 - Harvard 22   

Final Score: Brown 8 - Harvard 39

Referee: Tom Beriau