Ivy Wrap Up Week Two: Yale Men and Women Shine

The Yale Women and the Yale Men moved to 2 - 0 on the young Ivy season with impressive victories.

Fall 2017 Tier 1 Women's Schedule

The Tier 1 Women's Division of the Ivy Rugby Conference includes Brown, Dartmouth, Harvard and Princeton. Three programs: Brown, Dartmouth and Harvard have all achieved varsity status on their respective campuses.

Fall 2017 Tier 2 Women's Schedule

The Tier 2 Women's Division of the Ivy Rugby Conference kicks off on September 16th as Cornell University travels to the University of Pennsylvania. Yale is set to play their opener at host Columbia on Sunday the 17th. The division consists four Ivy League schools including Columbia, Cornell, Penn and Yale. 

Ivy Rugby Conference Announces Men's 2017 Schedule

The Ivy Rugby Conference has announced the conference schedule for the Fall 2017 Season.

2017 Mens All Ivy Team Announced

Congratulations to the 15 men of our Ivy League schools who have been awarded with the distinction of being named All-Ivy honors for rugby!

Selections were made by vote of the 8 coaches of the Ivy Rugby Conference. These men are receiving honors for their skill and dedication on and off the field.

Dartmouth wins inaugural Northeast Collegiate 7s Championship

In an amazing display of talent and skill, Dartmouth's rugby team won the inaugural Northeast Collegiate 7s Tournament hosted by the Northeast Academy on Sunday, May 7th.

Dartmouth kicked off against New England College in the tournament's final round to determine who would take home the trophy. Both teams played strong throughout the first half. Dartmouth was able to break through NEC's defenses to touch down under the post before making a conversion leaving Dartmouth ahead 7-0 at halftime.

Ivy League Contributes Players to the 2016/17 NIRA All-Americans

The 14 colleges competing in the 2016-2017 NCAA League have selected the second class of NIRA Rugby All-Americans. Each student-athlete was selected based on their performance over the course of the inaugural 2016 NCAA League season. 

The NCAA League kicked off its Spring 7s Series on March 25 at Harvard University. On April 9, for the third year in a row, Brown hosted the all-NCAA Sorensen Invitational where these All-Americans were acknowledged for their skill and dedication to the sport.

50 Years of Bermuda Rugby Time Travel

I got a warm welcome on my March 16, 2017 arrival in Bermuda and a question, "is this your first time in Bermuda?" "No," I said, " I come here every 50 years."

I brought Penn Rugby here 50 years ago as team captain and coach. I returned this time with my wife Rosemarie this time as a Penn supporter. (Oliver kept himself busy running touch when ever they'd let him all weekend.)

Nostalgic about my trip 50 years ago.

Tier 1

Brown 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Dartmouth 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Harvard 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Princeton 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Tier 2

Yale 2 2 0 0 10 110 40
Penn 2 2 0 0 10 81 51
Columbia 2 0 2 0 1 49 129
Cornell 2 0 2 0 1 42 62


Women's 2017 Fall Schedule »

1st XV

Dartmouth 2 2 0 0 10 136 27
Yale 2 2 0 0 9 98 7
Princeton 1 1 0 0 5 27 25
Harvard 2 1 1 0 5 65 68
Brown 2 1 1 0 5 89 63
Penn 2 0 2 0 1 32 49
Columbia 1 0 1 0 0 0 76
Cornell 2 0 2 0 0 25 157


Men's 2017 Fall Schedule »

Cornell v Columbia

Ivy Men Enter Final Weeks of Season

With only two teams playing this past weekend, not much has changed in the Ivy men's standings. Dartmouth has remained unbeatable this season, but things could get shaken up this weekend if Penn can take down the Big Green and allow Brown (if they win their game against Princeton) to move into first place. The prospects remain speculative no doubt.

Brown 38 -Yale 12

Brown defeated Yale 38 - 12. Brown travel to Yale as one of the form teams in this seasons Ivy Championship. They currently sit in 2nd place, 9 points ahead of 3rd placed Harvard, with a 4-1 record to date. Yale on the other hand have had a mixed season. This young squad have experienced several injures which has effected the results from week to week. With a current record of 1-3, this is another great chance for this young team to gain more valuable rugby playing experience. If Yale are to win they will jump 3 places in the standings with a game in hand.

Harvard Men 67 - Columbia 0

Harvard Crimson defeated visiting Columbia 67-0 at Mignone Field on the campus of Harvard University.

Dartmouth Women defeat Brown 45-14

Dartmouth Women #1 defeated Brown #4 in the Tier 1 Women's Ivy Semifinal at Dartmouth College today. The final score was 45-14.